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butterfly webAccredited by SACS, St. Joseph School offers a diversified curriculum as well as a variety of extra-curricular activities. Curriculum includes:  Art, Computer, Music, Physical Education, Religion, Spanish, and Library. Extra curricular Programs include:  Athletic Programs for grades K-8, Choir, Band, Forensics, Scouts and SJS Broadcasting & Video club.  

Our primary purpose is to help each child fulfill his maximum potential for good while aquiring a quality education. This is accomplished through a diverse curriculum built around a strong academic program tailored to the needs of each student and each grade level.

A Before and After School Care Program and Bus service are also available.

Open House Video 

Call the school office to schedule a private tour at (615) 865-1491 

REFERRAL PROGRAM  for current families Earn $$$$ toward your tuition !!

summerThis summer we are excited to offer weekly sessions in June and July for students enrolled at St. Joseph School and throughout the community. These sessions utilize the strengths and talents of our teachers and parents and are very affordable!

There are 17 camps to choose from for Kindergarten-8th graders that include sports, art, math, writing, history and more! Session Times are 9 a.m.-12 p.m.

June 16-20: Green Kangaroo Reading Grammar and Writing, Too-Grades 1 & 2, Middle School
            Mathematics-Grades 3-5, Abstract Painting-Grades 4-8, Bulldog Boys Basketball Camp-Grades 5-8,
            Babysitting101-Age 12 and up
June 23-27: Rainforest Adventure-Ages 4-6, Multiply and Divide-Grades 2 & 3, Junior High Mathematicians
            Grades 6-8, Volleyball Camp-Grades 6-8, Drawing Basics Grades 6-8
July 14-18: Kindergarten Boot Camp-Rising Kindergarteners, Math Games-Grades 1 & 2, Accelerate Your
            Reading and Writing-Grades 3-5, History Detectives-Grades 4-7
July 7-11: Scene Design Camp “The Ugly Duckling”-Grades 2-7
July 14-25: Musical Camp “The Ugly Duckling”-Grades 2-7
July 21-25: Accelerate Your Reading and Writing-Grades 6-8

We are also offering private and group tutoring.

Click the link below for more information and registration forms

web duleNine St. Joseph School seventh graders participated in the Duke Talent Identification Program.  To qualify for participation in the Duke program, these students scored in the top 5% of students taking the IOWA tests around the country last year.  The students took the ACT (a college entrance exam) with high school students in February. 

Five students earned scores on the ACT which qualified them for state recognition. These students will be recognized at a ceremony at Vanderbilt University in May.

One student earned scores on the ACT which qualified for Grand Recognition and has been invited to Duke University in May for a recognition ceremony. The grand recognition ceremony honors seventh graders who have earned scores equal to or better than 90 percent of college-bound seniors who took the same tests. 



JPII St. Joseph Letter to Parents 1 Page 1Dear parents of St. Joseph,

As headmaster of Pope John Paul II High School, I thought that the St. Joseph community would appreciate my perspective on St. Joseph school, from the vantage point of one who receives 80-90% of your 8th grade graduates each year.

All incoming ninth graders must take a placement test for admission to JPII.  Our test measures proficiency in language arts, reading and mathematics. Typically we have about 220 kids take the test each year, and we can aggregate that data by the schools they’ve attended and compare that with overall scores.

Despite the fact that the average applicant to JPII is generally strong, incoming students from St. Joseph this year eclipsed the average applicant’s score in every subtest.  St. Joe kids scored 5 points higher in reading, 5 points higher in language arts, and an extraordinary 18 points better in mathematics, for a composite score that was 8 points beyond the average applicant’s score.

Furthermore, students from St. Joseph do well once they get here. This year’s seniors who hailed from St. Joseph four years ago are graduating with an average grade point average (GPA) of 3.5. Current juniors, sophomores and freshmen from St. Joseph have average GPA’s between 3.48 and 3.51. These consistent performances show that St. Joseph kids are well prepared for the work here.

Perhaps more importantly, they come with the right habits of learning—and that’s not only true for your top students; it’s true for your students for whom school is harder. My wife teaches geometry at JPII to sophomores who are in the non-honors curriculum. One of the reasons that many of those kids are in the non-honors curriculum is because their work habits are so inconsistent. Not so for the St. Joseph kids. Off the cuff a few weeks ago, my wife remarked that as a group, the St. Joseph kids in her geometry class did their homework and came to class with the right attitudes about work. They were a “pleasure to teach.”