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New Teacher Orientation


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PK-K Parent Orientation


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New Family Orientation


Faculty/Staff In-Service


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Round-Up Day


Solemnity of St. Dominic


First Day of School


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last day webAccredited by SACS, St. Joseph School offers a diversified curriculum as well as a variety of extra-curricular activities. Curriculum includes:  Art, Computer, Music, Physical Education, Religion, Spanish, and Library. Extra curricular Programs include:  Athletic Programs for grades K-8, Choir, Band, Forensics, Scouts and SJS Broadcasting & Video club.  

Our primary purpose is to help each child fulfill his maximum potential for good while aquiring a quality education. This is accomplished through a diverse curriculum built around a strong academic program tailored to the needs of each student and each grade level.

A Before and After School Care Program and Bus service are also available.

"Get excited about coming to school here, you have no idea how much you are going to love this place! As I look back on my years at St. Joseph, I realize these have been the best years of my life.  St. Joseph has given me many experiences to grow as a student and a person through education, friendships, and faith.  I’m going off to high school and I wish I could stay here for just a little bit longer, so please cherish every moment. These walls hold so much laughter, smiles, and great memories. My advice is to get involved, do your work, be nice, always smile, and don’t do anything you wouldn’t want to share with the Dominicans". Savannah Smith, SJS Class of 2014

Call the school office to schedule a private tour at (615) 865-1491 

REFERRAL PROGRAM  for current families Earn $$$$ toward your tuition !!

Father Tomy HeadshotDear Parents, Students, Faculty, Staff, and Parishioners,

I am writing you this letter to give you an update of the school situation. Sister Maria Goretti, the principal of the school, decided not to return to Saint Joseph School on account of personal reasons. (Her personal letter is attached below). The Dominican sisters are not able to provide us with a principal at this time. However, the sisters will continue to teach in the school. Now we are left with no option but to look for a lay person as the new principal who can bring stability of leadership and take the school in the right direction. I had personal meetings with the sisters from the Mother house, Bishop Choby, and Dr. Therese Williams, who is the Superintendent of the Catholic Schools for the Diocese of Nashville. We decided to establish a search committee, consisting of seven people representing the diocese, parish administration, faculty, and parents. The committee will soon start searching for the right person for this position. You will find ads and information regarding this in the bulletin and on the websites of both the parish and the diocese including the Tennessee Register. If you know someone qualified for the job and interested, please ask them to apply for the position. All the applications and resumes can be forwarded to the attention of our business administrator, Keona Smith, either by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or by regular mail at the church office.

Dr. Therese Williams and I had a meeting with the faculty and the search committee this Monday afternoon. Jacque Sullenbarger, one of our teachers will be the interim in-charge of the school until we find the right person. She will make sure that everything will be taken care of as it should be.  There should not be any issue, concern, or inconvenience for you as parents/students/faculty/parishioners. If you have anything that you need to clarify please let me know at the earliest.  We hope to find a quality person as early as possible. Please pray that the Lord will bless our school with good leadership. Thanking you for your support and understanding, 

Lovingly your pastor,                                                                                  

Rev. Tomy Joseph, MSFS



Dear Parents,

I pray that you are all having a summer blessed with well-deserved rest and time with family and friends.  Summer is a beautiful time to allow the Lord to renew us and prepare us for the way that he has planned for us.

I regret to inform you that for personal reasons I will not be returning to St. Joseph this coming year.  I know that transitions are difficult, and I am sorry that this change will cause St. Joseph to have to adjust once more to new administration.  However, having had the privilege to get to know you this past year, I have come to witness that St. Joseph is a special place blessed with excellent teachers and many dedicated and involved families.  I thank you for the support and welcome that you have extended to me in this past year, and I know that you will welcome the new administrator with the same spirit.  Please know that you will receive further information soon about plans to move forward in this situation.

I have prayed and will continue to pray for God’s blessings upon St. Joseph.  It is His school, and I trust that He will care and provide for it in the days to come.  I ask your prayers as well as the Lord leads me on the way He has planned.

In Christ,

Sr. Maria Goretti, O.P.

web duleNine St. Joseph School seventh graders participated in the Duke Talent Identification Program.  To qualify for participation in the Duke program, these students scored in the top 5% of students taking the IOWA tests around the country last year.  The students took the ACT (a college entrance exam) with high school students in February. 

Five students earned scores on the ACT which qualified them for state recognition. These students will be recognized at a ceremony at Vanderbilt University in May.

One student earned scores on the ACT which qualified for Grand Recognition and has been invited to Duke University in May for a recognition ceremony. The grand recognition ceremony honors seventh graders who have earned scores equal to or better than 90 percent of college-bound seniors who took the same tests. 



round up day




THURSday, August 7, 2014


3 PM to 6 PM


Before You Arrive: Homework!
Go on the school website prior to Round Up to review the new Student Handbook as you will be asked to sign a handbook form at Round Up. If you do not have access to a computer you can request a printed handbook. Call the school office at 865-1491 to request one.

Bring all of the information you need including your personal contact information (home, work and cell phone numbers), any prescription medication information you need to share with the school nurse and names and phone numbers of people who can act in your absence to care for your sick child or pick them up if you are unable.

Bring your school supplies so you can drop them off in your student’s classroom.  This will make the first day of school easier!

Round 1: The Paper Work – in the cafeteria
Park in the parking lot behind school and enter through the cafeteria door.

Complete all “back to school” paperwork. We will have all forms waiting for you by family. After your visit to the cafeteria, your next stop will be the gym.

Round 2: The “Fun Stuff”
In the gym you will find the Home and School Association, Sports Association, The Blue and Gold Gala table, scouts, choir, band, forensics, the wonderful Mothers of the Heart uniform consignment sale and more. Lunches and Cool School Gear may also be purchased.

Round 3: Seek and Find
Ask your student to find their classroom and their new teacher. Class lists are posted outside each homeroom door. Teachers are available until 6 pm. 


If your student is entering Kindergarten or 7th grade, We must have an updated Tennessee School Immunization Record before the start of school.



Join us on Twitter  @stjoesschool

New Family orientation

Texas Roadhouse


Survivor Logo6 Tribes of students will compete against each other Saturday July 26, 2014 for our first ever St. Joseph SURVIVOR!”   This edition of St. Joseph SURVIVOR will be themed “How to survive Middle School/High School.”  The groupings of these tribes, each comprised of 15 students, reflect the distinguishing qualities that students bring to the game and test whether there is any truth to the pre-conceived notion that Middle School/High School can be a scary experience filled with new freedoms, challenges, joys, and stresses awaiting young teenagers.  Teams will work together learning that with Christ as their focus an awkward experience can become an opportunity to learn what God has designed you to become without losing who you are and inspiring others to remain strong in their faith and trust in God.   All Teams will compete to outwit, outplay, outlast and ultimately be crowned St. Joseph’s first Sole Middle School/High School Survivor Team. The Event will be hosted by Jay Cathey/Jennifer Rodgers.

Your Team Captains are:  Hannah Craighead, Allison Roberts, Savannah Smith, Charles Albert, Andrew Albert, and Henry Becker.  Each team captain will have a co-captain and are responsible for recruiting their own teams.  Each team must have 5 rising 8th grade students, 5 rising 9th grade students, and 5 high school students in grades 10 -12.  Team Captains/Co-Captains deadline to establish their teams and secure a list of items to be turned into Mrs. Jennifer in the Youth Office is July 16th by 3:00 p.m.  
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