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School Counseling

Children excel in a learning environment that promotes happiness, acceptance, and support.  For this reason, St. Joseph School has a Parish Priest on the school faculty, and well as having contracted with Catholic Charities to provide free and confidential counseling to students, parents and faculty.  Since 1976, the school Counseling Program at Catholic Charities has helped thousands of students by enhancing their ability to function in the school environment and helping them cope with issues that may be disrupting their personal or family life. Throughout the upcoming school year, your children can have the opportunity to learn about feelings, foster self-esteem and become empowered to manage day-to-day stresses and frustrations through classroom workshops, small groups, and individual and family sessions. Your school counselor will also be available to parents in a professional and confidential capacity regarding questions or concerns regarding their children, including counseling and referral services.

Some of the programs offered by the school counselor are SAFE@LAST, the personal safety curriculum mandated by the Catholic Schools Office to teach students how to handle unsafe situations; and Rainbows, a peer support group for children who have experienced a family change or loss such as death or divorce. The counselor can make community, referrals as needed, to meet the needs of children and their families and she is also available to faculty and students for other classroom workshops and small groups.


Requesting Services

Referrals for counseling can be made by a student or a student’s parent, the school administrator or faculty. A student may be seen once without parents’ permission for urgent reasons. Subsequent sessions require signed parent authorization, and their involvement in the counseling process is encouraged.


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