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2018 - 2019 Subsidy Request Form

Saint Joseph Catholic School is an integral part of the educational and formational ministry of the Saint Joseph Parish mission.  The main reason for this is that Catholic education is the responsibility of the entire parish community in order to hand on the faith to its youth.  Therefore, tuition charged to active parishioners is considerably less than the actual cost of the education.  This is to assist families in meeting the financial demands of non-public education.  The difference is made up primarily through a subsidy taken from the offertory collections.  The parish gives the school this subsidy to cover the difference in costs.  The school is one of the parish ministries that benefit from the offertory collections.  The school shares with other vital parish organizations in the generosity of the entire parish family.

Active parishioners may be eligible to participate in the subsidy program by demonstrating that certain criteria have been met.  Qualifying Catholic families receive the reduced tuition rate.  This rate is not automatically assigned to families.  The subsidy request form is an administrative procedure to ensure that our families understand their responsibility to be active in the parish and to document the famili's request for subsidized participating rate.  Without the properly completed and returned request form, the family will be assessed the higher non-participating rate.  All subsidy request forms are returned to the school office and then forwarded to the Subsidy Review Committee.  This committtee processess all subsidy requests.

Parishioners of Saint Joseph Church are asked to practice generous stewarship of their time, talent and treasure.  The tradition of our Church, rooted in scripture, it to tithe, that is to contribute 10% of our gross income to the church and other charitible organizations.  Our Diocese suggests that we contribute 5% to the parish, 2% to the Diocese and 3% to other causes.  Saint Joseph Parish used $729.00 per child requesting subsidy as the suggested minimum contribution for a registered member.  Students who will be enrolling in Kindergarten through 8th grade are eligible for parish subsidy.  Saint Joseph does not offer subsidy to Pre-Kindergarten students.  Contributions should be submitted using the weekly envelope system at Mass.  The $900 minimum is considerable less that the Diocesan suggestion of 5% for most of out families.  If there are extenuating circumstances we do try to be accomodating.  Families who have not met the suggested minimum of $729 per child annually are asked to provide a written explanation at the time the subsidy request is submitted for review.  In the written explanation, parents are asked to explain why the family was unable to meet the minimum expectation.  It is importatant to know that we look at contributions made in the previosu year.  Explanations should be sent to the parish office addressed to the Subsidy Review Committee.  These correspondences are held in strict confidence.


2018 - 2019 Subsidy Request Form