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St. Joseph School Mission Statement

As sacramental people, we seek to reflect the Presence of Christ on earth by providing a superior education based on truths of the Gospel and the Tradition of the Roman Catholic Faith.

It is the Mission of this school, in communion with parents, to form youth, enabling them to conduct their lives according to the promises made at Baptism through prayer, learning, and service to others.


St. Joseph School Vision Statement

The vision of St. Joseph School, based on the mission we have embraced, is to extend beyond our status as an outstanding Catholic school and aspire to become distinctive in our role of building and living the Kingdom of God.

Guided by the truths of the Gospel, all graduates will possess a positive self-image reflecting their Christian identity, a moral responsibility to their community, and an academic preparedness enabling them to face the challenges of higher education.

Our students will engage in learning that is purposeful, relevant, life-long, and transferable. A superior curriculum will be driven by the teachings of the Catholic Faith, high academic standards, a well-resourced facility, and a commitment to the community.

As witnesses of Christ through prayer and example, our highly qualified faculty and staff will promote the spiritual growth of all students while adhering to high academic standards and expectations. They will strive to generate a community environment with Christ as the center and an emphasis on the dignity of human life. Instructional decisions will be based on the teachings of the Catholic Faith, Diocese curriculum standards, and current trends in education. This outstanding education will be made possible through a strong professional development program supported by the administration and stakeholders.

Parents, parishioners, and community members will embrace our mission and engage in the partnership of educating our students. We will build positive relationships with all stakeholders by deepening the understanding of the educational process, welcoming students and families of all faith backgrounds to experience the benefits of a Catholic school, communicating our achievements, and reciprocating our support through service to the surrounding community.

As a superior Catholic school, we will illuminate our corner of creation with the ever-burning
light of Jesus Christ, now and forever.